Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Nightly Might


Not asleep yet as it seems, doesn't feel right. Oh well, not that there's much to do anyways at this time. Took my dearly beloved to sleep (sounds deathly wrong), a wish goodnight and a sweet dream here and there and off she went to briskly walk upon wonderlands of noir weirdness that she is so accustomed to. I'll join you soon. 

Not much gravitas in the online world either, the usual line up of sites are all checked and abused, read and complete. I've drawn something the other day and upped it on DA . But what else?

Let's see, exams are coming up next week. Not so difficult as proposed to be, simple matter of click this, click that and viola! (Computer based exams, future here I come!) A week after that, tripping with family to Thailand for a week, coming back to go to Philippines in December. An exciting two months this will be! Not to mention, expensive!


Forgive the line break over there, just wanted to break away from personal and go more thought-like as we say. What would be a proper topic? Keep that for the next post, for it'll deserve it's own. 

Keep bright readers. 

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