Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Weekend of the Sick

Enter naysayers and despair! The blog titles sounds like a George Romero movie (If you don't know who that is, shame on you) . Anyways, started the weekend with the cough, ending it with a flu. Tit for tat, I suppose. So what happened during the weekend? Let's try and recap!

Thursday saw to it, to another work-filled day of airport duty and reporting, followed by going to the bank. The bank decided not to have my salary, so I'm forced to be penniless (not exactly) and have a negative balance on my bank account. I didn't even think that was possible for a savings account! I'm looking at you BBK! Anyways, had to deposit my cheque so perhaps Sunday morning will prove prosperous. Classes was a dull as always, at that slow pace. Not much of a challenge. The usual night out was something-something in a way. Not to be direct in certain relations to people but a certain R. and H. were most meek and sleepy at TC's that night. Thinking that casual-ness ain't what it seems. Where's the fun and spark? But who am I to judge eh?

Friday did'nt seem all that different either for the missing anti-bodies. Stayed home while Faisal decided to drop by. Gamed all day, despite being sick. I think I prove myself worthy of the Gladiator title with the PS move than when I'm not sick. Was relayed a message of salvating our friend in need, Miss Shei, out of certain OP contempt but how was we to salvate if t'was not a call to us? Course, it was directed at Mr. R, but we, the bearers of vehicles, were not informed. So thats to that, I ended up watching Faisal play virtual volleyball. Bouncy.

Saturday. Sick still, anti-bodies probably still in pursuit. Slept late the previous night, couldn't for some dog-gone reason. Stayed home to rest, watched Big Bang Theory and missed out on class. Too sick and bothered to drive so ah, forget it. Now resting the night away, and after a while before I go to bed, I'll snuggle away with a certain loved one (albeit virtually) and whisk off to the dream world once again till my anti-bodies actually catch the damn virus and cure me of all this misery. Maybe I should employ NCIS as my anti-body? White Cell Jethro Gibbs reporting for duty (TV reference, forgive me, loony :) ).

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Belief: The mental act, condition, or habit of placing trust or confidence in another.

Don't you think the above word proves to be one of the strongest things in humankind? Belief as a stand-in for hope coincide together. It makes mankind survive, wish, determine and abolish what the world needs doing. But belief is a two-edged sword. As with religion, beliefs cause conflict. As with morals, cause conflicts. But tonight, I speak of a conflict that hit closer to my life than most. 

I speak on a personal note of a couple known to me that proves much hurt and despair to those who live around and revolve. Based on love to be expected and grounded, one thinks its impenetrable as is pure. But growing up shows a different side of a so-called love you knew and actually was. Ah funny isn't it? How words of doubt in a woman's mind can cause paranoia and insanity. Whether true or not, does not matter. If it infidelity did occur, all fine and dandy, but if it did not, then it should have occurred! That's a type of belief that broods out of stubbornness. Where would I be to comment on such things? Support the belief with hand-handed evidence, and wishful paranoia? Where am I to stand when you two argue and claim one is right, forever right and only right?   I wish the infidelity stays a ruse in the mind, but where to support? Support the woman and say it's true even when you wish it's not? Or support the man and hope for the opposite? God knows wherever I side, I will be tried for treason. 

Banal hearings of arguments like lawyers feasting for blood on repeat. It's disheartening on what you think your beliefs in love is. Wallow in the examples set before you, damn sure. 

Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Start

Let's try and see what goes on in tonight's mind shall we?
There's not much going on currently on the wonderful island of Bahrain, as usual. Life comes to a standstill at most, with nothing to do but to mall and the stagant night life. But as long as one lives, one lives. Seek enlightenment and spontaneousity, with an added dash of pleasure and modesty will bring you to a happy life.
As much as one goes out at night, there's not much to it but the drink. It's an open experience really, a window to step out of the normal. Stand by and watch people converse and move and ebb like a river, people moving like gears, making talk and the less finer points of used love but in any case, fun to observe. There's no sense in getting drunk, but in a rash, wreckless way, it's an experience, a sense of euphoria. But then again, it just all makes it sound alcholic which is a given.
But that what makes life interesting. It's restrictions and inhibitions. Living on the lines you perceive them to be, fluanting them when you break your own self made rules, and knowing you'd get away with it. Or it could be the other way around. Sigh, boring random rambles but random topics don't you think?

But in any case,

Live the way you want, smile, with a nice glass of wine toasting the nights of Bahrain for a life well living.

An Opening Thought

Countless times, one would be forsaken to repeatedly try on blog after blog, attempting to aim for something not much understood.

What would it be? I don't know.

But perhaps it's a passing fancy of claiming to have one, or having an outlet for random rampant thoughts or to seek clarity through popularity? One wouldn't know. 

There are times where a person either surrounded or alone, can never claim to say or describe the feelings of the moment and perhaps maybe this is why I started this all over again. So words left unsaid can be said, and thoughts never thought out actually thought out. 

Let us see if this will continue on further, but perhaps I should always leave a blog like open just in case for the words left unsaid.