Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Start

Let's try and see what goes on in tonight's mind shall we?
There's not much going on currently on the wonderful island of Bahrain, as usual. Life comes to a standstill at most, with nothing to do but to mall and the stagant night life. But as long as one lives, one lives. Seek enlightenment and spontaneousity, with an added dash of pleasure and modesty will bring you to a happy life.
As much as one goes out at night, there's not much to it but the drink. It's an open experience really, a window to step out of the normal. Stand by and watch people converse and move and ebb like a river, people moving like gears, making talk and the less finer points of used love but in any case, fun to observe. There's no sense in getting drunk, but in a rash, wreckless way, it's an experience, a sense of euphoria. But then again, it just all makes it sound alcholic which is a given.
But that what makes life interesting. It's restrictions and inhibitions. Living on the lines you perceive them to be, fluanting them when you break your own self made rules, and knowing you'd get away with it. Or it could be the other way around. Sigh, boring random rambles but random topics don't you think?

But in any case,

Live the way you want, smile, with a nice glass of wine toasting the nights of Bahrain for a life well living.

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