Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Weekend of the Sick

Enter naysayers and despair! The blog titles sounds like a George Romero movie (If you don't know who that is, shame on you) . Anyways, started the weekend with the cough, ending it with a flu. Tit for tat, I suppose. So what happened during the weekend? Let's try and recap!

Thursday saw to it, to another work-filled day of airport duty and reporting, followed by going to the bank. The bank decided not to have my salary, so I'm forced to be penniless (not exactly) and have a negative balance on my bank account. I didn't even think that was possible for a savings account! I'm looking at you BBK! Anyways, had to deposit my cheque so perhaps Sunday morning will prove prosperous. Classes was a dull as always, at that slow pace. Not much of a challenge. The usual night out was something-something in a way. Not to be direct in certain relations to people but a certain R. and H. were most meek and sleepy at TC's that night. Thinking that casual-ness ain't what it seems. Where's the fun and spark? But who am I to judge eh?

Friday did'nt seem all that different either for the missing anti-bodies. Stayed home while Faisal decided to drop by. Gamed all day, despite being sick. I think I prove myself worthy of the Gladiator title with the PS move than when I'm not sick. Was relayed a message of salvating our friend in need, Miss Shei, out of certain OP contempt but how was we to salvate if t'was not a call to us? Course, it was directed at Mr. R, but we, the bearers of vehicles, were not informed. So thats to that, I ended up watching Faisal play virtual volleyball. Bouncy.

Saturday. Sick still, anti-bodies probably still in pursuit. Slept late the previous night, couldn't for some dog-gone reason. Stayed home to rest, watched Big Bang Theory and missed out on class. Too sick and bothered to drive so ah, forget it. Now resting the night away, and after a while before I go to bed, I'll snuggle away with a certain loved one (albeit virtually) and whisk off to the dream world once again till my anti-bodies actually catch the damn virus and cure me of all this misery. Maybe I should employ NCIS as my anti-body? White Cell Jethro Gibbs reporting for duty (TV reference, forgive me, loony :) ).

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